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Nomination Form

Each year, at the Annual Meeting of the Downtown Committee of Syracuse, businesses, organizations and individuals who have contributed to downtown's growth, diversity and vitality are honored with Awards of Excellence. If you know of a downtown champion who has been actively involved in making good things happen or made a positive impact on the downtown environment, we invite you to submit a nomination in one of the award categories below. Nominate as many businesses, organizations or individuals that you feel are worthy. 

Award Categories:

  • Urban Innovation Award
    Given for a successful and truly trail-blazing activity in a previously underdeveloped area or facet of Downtown Syracuse. Included in this category is recognition for new efforts, for continued and expanded work, and for creative and unusual achievement. 

  • Perfect Partner Award
    Given for advocacy and commitment that positively impact downtown.

  • Heart of Downtown Award
    Given for efforts that positively impact how people feel about Downtown Syracuse and contribute to its growth, vitality and overall appeal.

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