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What We Do

What We Do

The Downtown Committee is always willing and ready to assist you. If you have questions and aren't sure where to find the answers, start with the Downtown Committee. Even better, all of our services are free of charge to anyone located in or looking to locate to the downtown district. *If you'd like to learn more about a specific topic, please hover over the orange text (below) and click the link for more information.

You're welcome to contact us anytime at (315) 470-1953 or mail@downtownsyracuse.com.

Economic Development

The Downtown Committee's economic development programs include a variety of efforts to strengthen Downtown Syracuse's economic base. We:

  • Serve as an information clearinghouse for Downtown Syracuse data
  • Work to retain and recruit office and retail businesses to Downtown Syracuse
  • Identify projects and funding sources for building and area redevelopment
  • Promote residential development

Environmental Maintenance

The Downtown Committee's environmental maintenance program ensures that downtown is attractive, clean and accessible. We:

  • Flush sidewalks in the warmer months
  • Provide litter control
  • Maintain trees
  • Tend hanging flower baskets
  • Repair street furniture
  • Remove graffiti
  • Mow grass, cut weeds and trim hedges
  • Manage downtown watering contract
  • Remove gum from sidewalks
  • Organize annual spring & Earth Day cleanup efforts with the community

Marketing & Communications

The Downtown Committee's marketing and communications efforts aim to improve downtown's image, as well as to promote and support our businesses and constituents. We:

  • Organize and provide support for special events.  Click here for Event Sponsorship Criteria.
  • Facilitate community relations
  • Act as an information clearinghouse for Downtown Syracuse information
  • Promote downtown news, events and businesses to the public and the media
  • Maintain a social media presence to promote Downtown Syracuse
  • Implement advertising campaigns
  • Oversee downtown Syracuse's holiday program, including decorations and events

Parking & Accessibility

The Downtown Committee engages in a number of parking-related programs to ensure that Downtown Syracuse is accessible. We:

  • Operate two Downtown Syracuse lots after-hours for event parking
  • Maintain a comprehensive list of all parking lots and garages, operators and rates
  • Participate in a parking & transportation committee with other community partners
  • Assist with conducting parking studies and implementing study recommendations
  • Assist downtown property owners, business owners and residents with finding sufficient parking


The Downtown Committee's security team works to create a safe and welcoming environment in Downtown Syracuse. We:

  • Patrol Downtown Syracuse daily with a staff of two Downtown Committee security officers
  • Act as a liaison between the business community and the Syracuse Police Department
  • Operate the Downtown Security & Information Center at 440 S. Warren St.
  • Respond to calls from 423-HELP, a non-emergency number provided to all downtown businesses to address quality of life issues
  • Offer personal safety seminars and security audits to downtown businesses