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Success Stories

Barbieri Patrizia web

“Downtown is the place to be – when people go out, their first thought is ‘Let’s go downtown.’ This makes downtown a great place to do business – you’re pretty much guaranteed a great crowd.”

Patrizia Barbieri, Owner, Bittersweet Wine & Dessert Bar

Bittersweet Wine & Dessert Bar opened in Armory Square in October 2010.

Beach Randy Matt web

“Our location at the hub of the downtown financial and event districts of Syracuse allows us a location in a dynamic and energized district where we get to enjoy the business patrons, as well as the event crowds.”

Randy & Matt Beach, Co-owners, Ale ‘N Angus Pub

Ale ‘N Angus Pub has been located in Downtown Syracuse near the Oncenter complex since 2005. Ale ‘N Angus is known for its award-winning burgers, including its Power Play Burger, winner of the New York State Beef Industry Council’s ‘Best Burger in New York State’ award in 2012 and 2013.

Brush Eric web

"Downtown Syracuse is a destination. Over the last 15 years, our location has helped grow our retail base by attracting a diverse group of locals, students and tourists.”

Eric Brush, General Manager, Sound Garden

Sound Garden has been located in Downtown Syracuse since 1997 and is regularly recognized by the national media as one of the best record stores in the country. Sound Garden organizes an outdoor movie program each summer in Armory Square called Flicks on the Crick. 

Chutinthranond Max Pook web

“Downtown Syracuse is an energetic, urban atmosphere filled with people who have a broad, international palate and understand quality.”

Max & Pook Chutinthranond, Co-owners, Lemon Grass and Bistro Èlèphant Steakhouse

In 1990, Lemon Grass relocated to Downtown Syracuse from a northern suburb. The restaurant’s Pacific Thai Rim cuisine has won Northeastern awards for food and its wine list has been recognized internationally. In 2007, the Chutinthranonds opened Bistro Elephant Steakhouse next door to Lemon Grass.

Cunningham Tom Parker Tina web

“Downtown is an alternative to the usual for shopping, eating and living. It’s a unique neighborhood that Eureka Crafts has made a commitment to since 1983.”

Tina Parker & Tom Cunningham, Co-owners, Eureka Crafts

Eureka Crafts was a pioneering retail business in Armory Square. It began as a craft and art studio in 1976 and expanded to include the gallery in 1983. Eureka Crafts showcases the talents of craftspeople from local and regional artists to artists from across the country.

Deferio Pat web

“Downtown Syracuse offers our employees the opportunity to step out of the office and into the vibrant neighborhood we are a part of. Whether it’s grabbing a bite to eat at a downtown restaurant, exercising at a nearby fitness center or just taking a stroll in the urban atmosphere, our employees’ experiences are greatly enhanced by the convenience and options of our downtown location.”  

Pat Deferio, Vice President of Network Management, Central New York, MVP Health Care

MVP Health Care relocated into downtown with 55 employees in 2010.

Fox Jim web

“O’Brien & Gere’s location in Downtown Syracuse demonstrates our commitment to strengthening the city and region and facilitates employee engagement with our corporate social responsibility partners to create a stronger community.”

Jim Fox, CEO, O’Brien & Gere

O’Brien & Gere moved its headquarters back to downtown in August 2010 after 38 years in the suburbs. Its downtown location employs 350.

Goodman PJ web

“Downtown Syracuse is the hub – it’s centrally located and is where the revitalization is happening.”

P.J. Goodman, Owner, Sweet on Chocolate

Sweet On Chocolate, a chocolatier who specializes in unique treats like chocolate covered potato chips and numerous truffle flavors, opened in Armory Square in 1993.

Hole Richard web

“We explored a variety of space options within and outside the City as the expiration of our lease approached. We concluded that remaining in Downtown Syracuse and further customizing our offices and conference capabilities made good business sense for the Firm. Further, we have a strong commitment to maintaining and enhancing the vitality of the City, which is the heart of Central New York. Bond worked closely with Mayor Stephanie Miner and her staff on several issues, including ensuring that parking would continue to be available to the more than 200 attorneys and staff who work at Bond's Syracuse Office.” 

Richard Hole, Chairman of Bond, Schoeneck & King, PLLC

Bond, Schoeneck & King’s headquarters has been located downtown since its founding in 1897. In 2011, Bond, Schoeneck & King renewed its downtown lease for another 15 years and expanded its offices at One Lincoln Center. More than 200 attorneys and staff work at the Syracuse office.

Koolakian Ed web

“We have been a downtown retail business since 1905. Downtown is a vibrant neighborhood and attracts people from outside the area who come to enjoy a summer concert, dine out at one of our many restaurants or shop at our distinctive specialty stores. Downtown is alive with many activities throughout the year.”

Ed Koolakian, Owner, Koolakian's Menswear

Koolakian’s Menswear is Downtown Syracuse’s oldest clothing store, in business since 1905. The high-end men’s clothing shop is located in a building in Hanover Square that dates back to the Erie Canal.

Korteling Karyn web

“There's something of an unspeakable quality to behold a city as a living structure, to see all the people and minds buzzing in an unspoken unison. My commitment to downtown Syracuse started nearly three decades ago. I saw something unique yet familiar in the colorful, abandoned buildings that were soon to become Armory Square. I heard the conversations and the horns. I heard the desire to be there again.” 

Karyn Korteling, Owner, Pastabilities & Pasta’s Daily Bread

Founded in 1982, Pastabilities is Downtown Syracuse’s longest running restaurant. The restaurant moved to Armory Square in 1985 and opened Pasta’s Daily Bread, the bakery that produces the restaurant’s notable stretch bread, in 2001. Pastabilities serves both lunch and dinner and also now ships the restaurant’s famous hot tomato oil.

Kuppermann M John web

“We’ve been running a successful business in downtown for 117 years & 5 generations. I couldn't think of being anyplace else.”

M. John Kuppermann – Owner, Smith Housewares & Restaurant Supply & Hyman Smith Coffee

Founded in 1894, Smith Housewares & Restaurant Supply is a 116-year-old, 5th-generation family business located in an Erie Canal-era building on the east side of Downtown Syracuse.  In addition to an extensive selection of merchandise, the downtown location houses Hyman Smith Coffee, Central New York's largest selection of the world's finest arabica coffee beans, roasted fresh daily.

LaVallee Sue web

"AXA Equitable proudly holds a prominent place in the Downtown Syracuse skyline and benefits from the increased visibility of being part of the vibrant downtown retail and business district."

Sue LaVallee, Senior Vice President, AXA Equitable

AXA Equitable has been located in Downtown Syracuse since 1966 and employs 800 employees at their AXA Towers location.

Lemp W Donald web

“Downtown Syracuse has provided our business with a diverse customer base of over 25,000 people every day for the over 120 years that we have enjoyed doing business in the central city.”

W. Donald Lemp, Owner, M. Lemp Jewelers

M. Lemp Jewelers was founded in 1890 and is downtown’s oldest retail business. M. Lemp Jewelers offers a range of jewelry and watches, as well as bridal registry services, jewelry and watch repair, appraisals, engraving and cleaning and restoration services.

Morrison Steve web

“To me, downtown represents a kinship of creative, unique and independent-minded entrepreneurs or business owners not so much in direct competition with one another as they are working together to make this area a destination.”

Steve Morrison, Owner, Mission Restaurant

Mission Restaurant has been serving Pan American food on Columbus Circle since 2000. The restaurant features authentic Mexican décor and is housed in a former church that served as a stop on the Underground Railroad. 

Reicher Rita web

“KS&R’s employees can travel to and from our offices easily due to Downtown Syracuse’s accessibility. Our central location together with proximity to parking and bus transportation, make downtown a great choice for us.”

Rita L. Reicher, Ph.D., President, KS&R

KS&R’s headquarters has been located downtown since its founding in 1983. In 2012, the company moved 185 employees from the suburbs to downtown, bringing their downtown employee count to 260.

Rounded web

“The Tech Garden is an active pipeline for discovering talent, projects, and partnerships.  Its collaborative atmosphere led to the merger of Rounded and AppFury in January, 2012.  Rounded has now grown to an 18 person team, drawing talent from The Syracuse Student Sandbox and the local tech community. Locating our office in the Tech Garden is one of the best strategic decisions we have made.”

Rounded Development

Rounded has been located downtown in the Tech Garden since its founding in 2012. Rounded is the result of a merger between AppFury, an existing Tech Garden company and Rounded 1.0, a Student Sandbox company. Rounded Development is an anchor tenant of the Tech Garden with 18 employees.

Samolis Kevin Nicole web

“The convenience and central location made downtown Syracuse the clear choice when we made the move to downtown 13 years ago. We’ve stayed committed each time we’ve expanded The Events Company and then created The Wedding Studio at 224. Downtown is a hub of activity, excitement, and culture, all within walking distance, that makes for an ease of doing business that stimulates efficiency and creativity.” 

Nicole Samolis, President/Owner & Kevin Samolis, Chief of Staff, The Events Company

The Events Company has been located downtown since its founding in 2000. In 2011, the Samolises expanded their business next door to create the Wedding Studio. The Events Company employs 25 employees.

Shapiro Joel web

“Downtown Syracuse is the best kept retailing secret in the state.”

Joel Shapiro, Owner, Mr. Shop; Founder, Jet Black, Frankie & Faye and Bounce

Mr. Shop, a high-end men’s clothing store, has been located in Downtown Syracuse since 1990. Joel Shapiro also founded three women’s clothing stores in Armory Square; Jet Black, Frankie & Faye and Bounce. 

Slater Theresa web

“Headquartering my company in Downtown Syracuse was a smart business move, relocating myself downtown was a brilliant lifestyle move.  Downtown offers every possible amenity at your fingertips for both work and play; Empire Interpreting Service and Terre Slater are both privileged to thrive in ‘the Squares’.” 

Theresa Slater, President/CEO, Empire Interpreting Service

Empire Interpreting Service has been located in Historic Hanover Square since 2007. Terre moved from Homer to Downtown Syracuse in 2009.

Stage John web

“I love the energy, architecture and options of downtown. This is where we started and I couldn’t imagine it any other way.”

John Stage, Founder, President & CEO, Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

In 1998, the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que opened a permanent location in Downtown Syracuse, after years of serving barbeque on the road. After more than two decades, the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que is nationally acclaimed, has expanded to multiple additional locations throughout the Northeast and manufactures and distributes an award-winning line of specialty sauces and spice rub throughout the U.S.