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Downtown Committee Goals for the Future of the Interstate 81 Viaduct

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Goals for the Future of the Interstate 81 Viaduct

(1)    The Downtown Committee desires to Restore Connections to neighborhoods.

  • Eliminate visual and physical barriers
  • Consider traveler experience along and across the route. The future solution must be inviting, safe, efficient, and attractive for users (both in cars and on foot or bike)

(2)    The Downtown Committee wants the 81 corridor to be a vibrant, new neighborhood. 

  • Encourage zoning / planning for the appropriate scale development
  • Allow for uses that attract, encourage and promote pedestrian activity, walkability, activity, enjoyable, residential uses and are of the appropriate scale for fostering neighborhood growth.

(3)    The Downtown Committee desires to Create Transportation Alternatives by ensuring this will not be a one-road solution.

  • Improve access to Hill institutions
  • Allow for more access/egress opportunities to roadways to eliminate congestions points
  • Allow for efficient mass transit opportunities
  • Allow for Transportation Demand Management strategies to be enacted
  • Enhance connection points
  • Enhance vehicular wayfinding signage
  • Improve street grid to encourage better traffic flow

(4)    The Downtown Committee desires to Generate New Tax Revenue for the City/County.

  • Density  and mixed-uses generate more revenue per acre
  • Although the City accounts for only 3% of the County’s land area, it generates 29% of the County’s Property Tax revenue.
  • Increase land development potential around the current corridor
  • Activate more downtown acreage
  • Develop vacant land and buildings to better connect the University Hill and Downtown as the region’s economic engines

(5)    The Downtown Committee wants NYSDOT to Consider the Economic Interdependency of Regions – the city and suburbs are inextricably linked.

  • Enhancing the Quality of life of the city core will benefit all residents. 

(6)    The Downtown Committee desires to Facilitate growth of major employers by allowing ease of access, and offering vibrant communities for employees, residents and visitors.

(7)    The Downtown Committee wants NYSDOT to Consider Design Aesthetics. 

  • We are not “Any City, USA.”  Create a transportation solution designed to reflect our community’s soul.

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